Nutramino protein bar

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New research looking at 56 of the leading protein bars on the market has found some startling statistics.

Of the all the bars analysed, 32% contained more saturated fat than an original Krispy Kreme doughnut.

Not only that, 10 came in with more sugar too.

The survey – done by protectivity insurance – found that PowerBar’s Protein Plus 30% Lemon Cheesecake topped the chart with 19.5g of sugar compared to Krispy Kreme’s 12.6g. PowerBar’s Protein plus Vanilla Coconut took second place  with 18.9g.

When it comes to saturated fat, which in a doughnut is 3.9g, the Nutramino Protein Bar Coconut contained 9.9g of saturated fat, more than double Krispy Kreme’s!

Both second and third place for highest grams of saturated fat went to Phd Smart Bars, with their Chocolate Brownie flavour containing 7.1g and their Chocolate Peanut Butter flavour containing 7g.

Scroll down for the best and worst of the protein bar world.


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