Starbucks christmas menu cup

November has arrived, and with it the influx of Starbucks’ Christmas cups. 

If you can’t help but order from the festive menu – at Starbs or any other coffee shop – it’s worth knowing exactly what’s happening in your body.

Whether you’ve been main-lining PSLs for months already or have a Gingerbread latte weakness, the effect of all the syrup laden drinks is very similar.

As the single most hashtagged drink on the festive menu, Yahoo Health created an infographic outlining what happens to your body when you drink a whipped cream-topped grande.

Needless to say, it’s not going to be part of many healthy meal plans…

Pumpkin spice infographic

Between your brain, liver and pancreas, just one cup will have you working overtime.

And we don’t even need to talk about how the 50g of sugar compares to the new slashed daily guidelines. 


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